How a Yes, No, Maybe List Aids Your Relationship

It is our belief that a carefully thought out and honestly answered Yes, No, Maybe list sparks sexual communication and raises happiness in a couple.  By explicitly stating our desires and boundaries, people can come together in a safe and consensual manner to explore their kinky yearnings.  YesNoMaybe allows individuals to complete their own list of various sexual acts and understand themselves better.  Individuals answer 'Definitely', 'Yes', 'Maybe', 'Fantasy Only' or 'No' to each of the numerous kinks.  Once completed and a sharing agreement is made, our service automatically compares the lists while ranking activities based on the highest mutual interest.  Couples are then encouraged to explore their sexuality on their own with the understanding on what is allowable for each person. This service is FREE to all members!

Your Privacy Is Our Top Concern

We understand the intensely private nature of this personal information. YesNoMaybe takes every precaution to ensure our platform's security while also allowing each member to govern their own data. No list information is shared without a member creating the request.  No results are viewed unless a person approves.  Any discussions are private and your identity, beyond the platform username, is not known by any individual.  We do not send marketing emails,  do not integrate with your social media, and do not place cookies or other identification on your device.  We take your privacy seriously and work relentlessly to protect it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we receive regarding the YesNoMaybe experience, our platform and our services. Our goal is to help members and viewers become sexualy secure, satisfied and confident while raising empathy, compassion and even desire within others.

How can YesNoMaybe improve my relationship
What is a Yes, No, Maybe list
Is YesNoMaybe a pornographic site
How do I get started with YesNoMaybe
When you say YesNoMaybe is a community, what do you mean

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