There are a variety of reasons one should have a Yes-No-Maybe list, a catalog of sexual and romantic activities or gestures they explicitly state their interest in.  Investing the time in such an inventory sets the stage for deeper connection with lovers and a better understanding of oneself.  Below are the top benefits of completing such a survey:

Gets one in the mood for intimacy

Not everyone is the same our our libidos can be just as different.  While some individuals are ready for sex and intimacy quickly, others need time to mentally process the coming activity to get themselves physically ready.  Those who need this time can begin by reading through a menu of options  in a safe and controlled environment.  Building towards an encounter, an individual can look through the list to see what turns them on and even fantasize a bit over each option they view positively.

Works as a great ice-breaker for couples on sexual topics

Unfortunately it is common for long term lovers to fall into routines, norms and fixed expectations or roles.  Due to this walls can creep up in the relationship where lovers do not feel free to express themselves to those they hold most dear.  Using a Yes-No-Maybe list puts sexual activities out in the open for the couple to come together and discuss.  It is safe, non-threatening and the questions aren't advanced by either individual.  After the lists are completed, lovers can come together again to talk about the activities with the most interest in -- possibly even learning something new about their companion.

Allows for someone to set firm boundaries

Sometimes we try too hard to please another at the expense of ourselves.  Whether with a long-time lover or with someone new, sometimes it is difficult to say no and stick to the restrictions we put in place.  During these times it is possible to fall into a cycle of anger and guilt where we blame a lover for taking advantage of us then turn against ourselves for not conveying our needs.  Long term implications of such relationships are disastrous.  The first step to making sure boundaries are strictly followed is to ensure they are clearly stated.  

Dedicates time for one to let their sexual imagination go

Our world is a busy one and we do not always have the time we need to focus on our intimate lives.  Before we can meaningfully connect with another, we have to understand ourselves -- our needs and desires.  When completing a Yes-No-Maybe list, an individual is presented with options that they might not have ever considered or heard of before.  While reactions to such vary, if done in a safe and controlled environment, giving time to consider each activity allows for personal growth.  


These are just a few reasons to explore a Yes-No-Maybe list with yourself or a companion.  Check out YesNoMaybe's free and discreet service to begin your adventure today!

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