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YesNoMaybe is a resource aimed at guiding and inspiring couples on intimacy within their relationships. Our service includes a free Yes, No, Maybe list for members to complete and share with another. Once the two part survey is finalized, each member can view their automatically cross-referenced lists which identify interest levels in sexual activities.  In addition, each member who completes their Yes, No, Maybe list can access their sexual persona.  This in-depth analysis describes one's unique physical needs and blind spots while identifying the range of their sexual comfort zone and ideal partner's compatibility.  Along with resources aimed at understanding oneself and their partner better, we have actionable features that drive immediate passion.  Our choose your own adventure game, Foreplay, allows couples to take a kink-filled journey based on your selections as well as input from your YesNoMaybe list.

Complete and Compare Yes, No, Maybe Lists

Our Yes, No, Maybe list comes in two sections. The first set of questions concern boundaries, relationship types, actions and general sexuality while allowing you to choose your comfort level for each item. The second pass on the list gets more detailed into specific actions and whether you prefer to give or receive them. Below are examples of the activities you can expect to be asked on our list.

  • Watching Pornography with Partner
  • Use of Sex Toys
  • Oral Sex - Giving
  • Whips, Crops, Paddles - Receiving
  • Swinging or Swapping
  • Temperature Play - Giving
  • Anal Sex - Receiving
  • Rope Play
  • Skinny Dipping

The YesNoMaybe list service will compare surveys between two members who approve a sharing request and show only mutually positive kinks. For example, if one individual has an interest in an activity and another does not, the couple will not see the item on their combined result. While we believe all desires should be discussed between partners, our platform is meant to be a safe starting point for a deeper and openly candid dialog offline between individuals.

YesNoMaybe membership is FREE and includes our list service. Become a member today and begin exploring your own kinky desires!

Add Excitement with Foreplay

Do you and your partner's love making sessions follow the same script every time? Do you want to dip your toe into different kinks but not sure how? Are you looking to get a little wild and take on whatever comes your way?  If so, YesNoMaybe's exclusive sexy choose your own adventure game, Foreplay, is a perfect ingredient to spice up your intimate sessions.  Couples are presented with multiple options and commands, each guiding lovers through unique scenes based on their selections. Some of the journey paths include the following topics:  

  • Kama Sutra
  • Voyeurism / Exhibitionism
  • Oral Sex
  • S & M
  • Bondage / Blindfolds
  • Roleplaying
  • Dominance
  • Sensual Massage
  • Kinky Fun

Join the YesNoMaybe Experience Today

Create a free YesNoMaybe account to complete and share your kink list with a lover. We match interests and only show activities with a mutually positive score.  Once finalized the list is available for review by each member and kinks are ranked by strongest desires.  Our platform is a great way to begin opening up on sexual topics with another and is free for everyone!

Use DISC Theory to Learn Your Sexual Persona

Developed by Dr. William Marston, DISC theory was initially introduced in 1928 as one of the first personality describing mechanisms.  Originally categorizing people based on traits of Dominance (D), Inducement (I), Submission (S) and Compliance (C), this psychological tool was developed to explain the varying predispositions innately within us.  YesNoMaybe applies the DISC concepts to our survey in order to help one understand their own sexual leanings.  While there are no better or worse sexual personas, our free service identifies stereotypical strengths or challenges for each type along with typical intimate compatibilities you have the most chemistry with.  Understanding your sexual self is the first step to authentic connections with others.  

Free Assessment Includes

Automatic determination of your DISC quadrant based on your survey results.  Understand what your persona gifts and blind spots are in order to raise personal awareness. 

Illustration of your persona's sexual comfort range. Know your safe boundaries and where you can move or meet another without stressing your intimate being.

Analysis on your ideal companion's persona.  See what your persona typically looks for in a partner and how your intrinsic needs align.

Learn about Intimacy in a Safe Environment

An individual's sexuality is a very personal trait and can take a lot of courage to discuss. With YesNoMaybe, our members can have the discreet protection of an online presence where they will not be known or judged by family, friends or neighbors. We are here to help guide and inform in a friendly, respectful environment.

Explore your 'Maybes'

The key to growth is to expand your comfort range with contemplation, and possible immersion, into unfamiliar yet non-threatening areas. In a sexual sense, those places are easily identified by the items marked 'Maybe' on your YNM list.

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Intimacy During Uncertain Times

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues across the globe, many individuals must choose between personal safety and physical intimacy. During these times it is important to reflect our human emotional and sexual needs.

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Do You Think Your Fantasies Are Unique

While we all have sexual desires, some we like to keep tucked away in the darker recesses of our minds.  A new publication on a study of kinks sheds some light on the commonality of our fantasies...even those we hide away.

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YesNoMaybe is NOT for Everyone!

This website contains adult themed content. While there is no pornography or nudity within any of the images on this website, only adults should enter. YesNoMaybe also understands and respects differing opinions on sexual satisfaction and liberation of all peoples. If one does not find interest in this website and its content, please leave and provide our members the same respect we will afford you.