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Intimacy in a healthy relationship should be fun, exciting and safe while always growing and evolving. An invigorating sex life provides vitality, health and happiness across all facets of an individual's being. YesNoMaybe helps lovers achieve these principles by providing a secure platform for couples to better understand each other and their mutual desires. Our exciting service fosters erotic communication by comparing lovers completed YesNoMaybe lists -- a catalog of various sexual activities a person may or may not be interested in. Each individual notes their inclination towards the activity and then submits the list to be shared with a partner. YesNoMaybe automatically scans the lists and shows mutual positive interests ranked by desirability. These results can be used as the foundation for intimate discussion, role-playing and sexual exploration.

In addition to our primary service, YesNoMaybe has a growing list of games and some very tantalizing features on the horizon. Upcoming releases will allow YesNoMaybe to be used by a wider audiance (called a Party) for more general fun and games. This will be a great lead-up to bachelor or bachelortte parties to get the group in the mood! Check back often as we'll be launching this and our flagship product -- something so spicy we're keeping it under the covers...for now!

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