Complete and Compare Yes, No, Maybe Lists

It is our belief that a carefully thought out and honestly answered Yes, No, Maybe list sparks sexual communication and raises happiness in a couple.  By explicitly stating our desires and boundaries, people can come together in a safe and consensual manner to explore their kinky desires.  YesNoMaybe allows individuals to complete their own list of various sexual acts and understand themselves better.  Individuals answer 'Definitely', 'Yes', 'Maybe', 'Fantasy Only' or 'No' to each of the numerous kinks.  Once completed and a sharing agreement is made, our service automatically compares the lists while ranking activities based on the highest mutual interest.  Couples are then encouraged to explore their kinky side on their own with the understanding on what is allowable for each person.  

Get Answers from Sex Positive Therapists

Discussing questions or concerns of a sexual nature is an intensely personal experience.  With YesNoMaybe, members can choose to subscribe to our counselling service aimed at building trust, knowledge, experience and awareness in all facets of intimate relationships.  Our professionally trained relationship coaches will listen to you and give actionable feedback addressing your needs.  To ensure your satisfaction and deliver multiple viewpoints or perspectives, every question asked will be responded to by at least five separate coaches - neither of which see each other's comments.  From there, you can chose to communicate with the group as a whole or discuss with any particular relationship coach.  Our service is discreet, confidential and aimed at helping you while building trust. 

Connect and Play with the YNM Community

Each member of YesNoMaybe is granted access to the community forums.  Here, should one choose, people can interact with one another to exchange information or ideas on any number of topics.  While members are expected to be respectful of one another and the beauty of diversity, YesNoMaybe actively moderates discussions to prevent negativity, bullying or any behavior that should not be tolerated.  We welcome all peoples from all walks of life and strive to make a safe place for our members to congregate.  As for in person meetups, YesNoMaybe has been known to throw a little party now and then but we'll talk about that later! 

Learn about BDSM in a Safe Environment

An individual's sexuality is a very personal trait and can take a lot of courage to discuss. With YesNoMaybe, our members can have the discreet protection of an online presence where they will not be known or judged by family, friends or neighbors. In addition to the anonymity afforded from the this medium, YesNoMaybe's service, relationship coaches and overall community are here to help guide and inform in a friendly, respectful arena.

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