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What to Expect from the YesNoMaybe List

Our Yes, No, Maybe list comes in two sections. The first set are higher level activities that you note your comfort level. The second pass on the list gets more detailed into specific actions. Below are examples of the activities you can expect to be asked on our list.

  • Domination Partner
  • Swinging or Swapping
  • Oral Sex - Giving
  • Whips, Crops, Paddles - Receiving
  • Sexual Massaging - Receiving
  • Non-participatory Sharing Partner with Woman
  • Voyerism
  • Rope Play
  • Skinny Dipping
Why You Need a Yes, No, Maybe List

Whether desiring to explore sexual frontiers or advocating for personal boundaries, a Yes-No-Maybe list helps to ensure proper communication and consent while uncovering those secret needs while raise our heart rate.

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BDSM in the Modern Day

As the term BDSM goes mainstream, many are left still unsure what it means.  Here we'll examine its origins and the word's usage in today's society.

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Do You Think Your Fantasies Are Unique

While we all have sexual desires, some we like to keep tucked away in the darker recesses of our minds.  A new publication on a study of kinks sheds some light on the commonality of our fantasies...even those we hide away.

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